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Brad + Morgan | Pope Farms Conservancy

I am so so excited to be sharing these photos from Brad + Morgan’s Session with me! They are one of my most favorite couples in the world. I love telling people the story of how we were introduced to one another– Cue me in 2018 looking for a new hair stylist on Facebook Marketplace. I was recommended multiple times to Morgan and as I went to message her about her availability…I noticed she and her boyfriend were actually the CUTEST COUPLE IN AMERICA. So, I shot my shot and asked if they would want to model for me. To my surprise– she said yes! and 3 years later here we are!

I have enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level in addition to photographing their friends and family! Brad and Morgan met in high school and have been together ever since. They are perfect for each other! The perfect mix of extroverted and introverted, quiet and loud, and really have a great time together. And I mean they think I’m funny so, that’s really why I like them so much.

Enjoy some of my very favorite images that I have ever taken!